JAA Japan Disaster Relief Fund

Report from President Gary S. Moriwaki

Tadashi Yamamoto, President of Peace Boat, visited JAA at our Board Meeting on October 2, 2013.

Peace Boat is one of the volunteer organizations that JAA has partnered with in the aftermath of the March 11 triple disasters. We first met Yamamoto San (everyone calls him "Jr" since his dad also worked for Peace Boat) in May of 2011 in Ishinomaki. Accompanying me on the trip was fellow board member Riki Ito and member Yoko Makino. At that time the devastation was very much in evidence as it was barely two months after the earthquake and tsunami destroyed a large part of Ishinomaki and caused a tremendous loss of life and property. Jr, his staff and so many volunteers were dedicated to serving hot meals, cleaning debris and giving emotional support to the survivors. They graciously took time to show and explain to us their activities. We were so impressed and so began our collaboration, which continues to this day.

At our board meeting Jr. gave us details on the Ima Koko Project that JAA has agreed to support. Eiichiro Kuwana have personally participated in this endeavor with his sons, HS students Kiyomasa & Hiroyuki. It involves embedding young volunteers with fishermen and seaweed processors to provide human resources that will enable traditional businesses to get back on their feet, generate income for their employees and themselves and thereby help rejuvenate the local economy. Many local people have taken lucrative construction jobs in the area, leading to a shortage of staff available to work with the more traditional businesses.
Please see Kiyomasa’s report of Ima Koko Project at www.jaany.org
We look forward to reports from Jr. on this and other projects in the future.

(l to r) Mr. Matsui with Dr. Ramani, Mr. Kuwana,
Mr. Moriwaki, Mr. Kato & Mr. Takeda

In honor of Hideki Matsui’s retirement from the New York Yankees, the Japanese American Association of New York was pleased to present a check in the amount of $50,000 to CWS / Shalom in his name. Hideki helped JAA select Shalom because Shalom’s mission to help young people in the radiation affected Fukushima area resonated strongly with his own passion to help children. The presentation was held on Monday, September 9, 2013 at the JAA Hall.

Shalom provides children in Fukushima with the opportunity to play and study in non-radiation-contaminated areas to minimize their internal accumulation of radiation. Children represent a particularly vulnerable group. Shalom’s programming will enable the children to survive their hardship, share their experiences with others and relieve their stress.

Hideki’s and JAA’s support will allow Shalom to continue its work and at the same time, advocate to the Japanese Government the need for long term government funding. Speaking from CWS’ Asian headquarters and Shalom want to convey to Hideki how excited the children are to find out that their programs are supported by him.

Mr. Moriwaki and Mrs. Gail A. Grimmett

The presentation of the donation of $15,000 from Delta Air Lines to JAA Japan Disaster Relief Fund was held on Monday, November 11, 2013 at JAA Hall.
Mrs. Gail A. Grimmett, Delta’s Senior Vice President – New York, and Mr. Gary S. Moriwaki joined this presentation.

Delta’s donation will go to support Tohoku to help young people in the radiation-affected Fukushima area, to rebuild devastated fishing ports and to support mental health networking in the area.
This $15,000 donation is a continuation of Delta’s continuing Japan disaster relief efforts. Previously, Delta donated US$1 million in cash and in-kind support for disaster relief efforts. Additionally, Delta matched 5 million SkyMiles donations from customers to benefit World Vision Japan. Delta’s Japan-based employees in cooperation with Habitat for Humanity International organized volunteer events in Tohoku to support rebuilding efforts in the community. Finally, Delta is a proud sponsor of TOMODACHI Initiative, a public-private partnership born out of support for Japan’s recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, that invests in the next generation of Japanese and American leaders through educational and cultural exchanges as well as entrepreneurship and leadership programs.

Mr. Dinkins with 106th Committee
(All photos by Masao Katagami)

JAA 106th Anniversary Gala Dinner

We celebrated our 106th Anniversary on Friday, September 27 at the elegant Sony Club. Our 110 guests enjoyed delicious food, good conversation and each other’s company. Entertainment was contributed by Soh Daiko with their Traditional lively Taiko and by Ryu Goto, whose beautiful violin playing included "Happy Birthday" for our President Moriwaki. Among our guests were Mr. & Mrs. Yasuyuki Sugiura from Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas), Mr. & Mrs. Katsumi Hatao from the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mr. Yosuke Honjo from Ito En (North America), Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Robert K. Emy and his family and members of the Japanese Medical Society of America.
President Gary Moriwaki welcomed us by sharing his Medicare card and gave a brief talk on the census report about the Japanese Community in New York. The new Consul General, Ambassador Sumio Kusaka and Madame Kusaka attended the dinner. He congratulated JAA for its long history of supporting the Japanese and Japanese American communities and led our 106th Anniversary toast.
Our keynote speaker, 106th Former Mayor of New York David Dinkins said that he was very happy to join JAA’s 106th Anniversary Gala Dinner. He talked about his new book "A Mayor’s Life". President of US-Japan Counsel, Irene Hirano Inouye appreciated the continued support of Mr. Moriwaki and Ms. Onuma after the Honorable Senator Daniel Inouye passed away last year.
The dinner ended with an announcement of the silent auction results. The round trip business class tickets to Japan donated by Delta Air Lines was won by Dr. Mitsugu Shimmyo.
The Dinner Committee and Board of Directors wish to thank our generous sponsors and donors who joined us for the evening and/or made generous contributions to JAA and our silent auction.
Donor list below.

Report of the 7th Senior Week

The 7th Annual Senior Week was held from Sept. 13th to Sept. 29th, 2013 at the JAA Hall. This event was developed by the JAA Committee on Aging Issues and co-sponsored by JAMSNET (Japanese Medical Support Network) with support from the Consulate General of Japan in New York. Our sincere thanks go to the Consulate General of Japan, JAMSNET and all of the service providers for their participation and support of Senior Week. Due to the enthusiastic participation of numerous service providers, a variety of seminars and workshops were held on health and other issues including but not limited to, Dual Nationality of Children by Consul Yoshikatsu Aoyagi, 4th Tips on Getting One’s Affairs/Documents in Order by Susan J. Onuma, Esq., U.S. tax treaty between Japan and USA by Mr. Joe Oshima, Japanese nationalities and welfare in Japan by Keiko Shiozaki, Pre mama club by Dr. Maki Kano and Ms. Kumiko Seki, RN, Estate Planning & Medicaid Planning & Consultation on Wills by Helen Irie, Esq. and Reiko Takikawa Esq., mini medical lectures by the Japanese Medical Society and a tour of senior housing at Isabella House. Also held were workshops on activities to encourage enjoyment of daily living and good health such as Tea Ceremony, Flower arrangement, calligraphy, chorus, yoga, taichi, and massage. Lions Club offered seminars on U.S. Ceremonial Occasions related to Funerals and Weddings.
Senior Week was a huge success with 60 programs and about 2,000 participants.

Dual Nationality of Children by Consul Yoshikatsu Aoyagi

Pre mama club by Dr. Maki Kano and Ms. Kumiko Seki

U.S. tax treaty between Japan and USA by Mr. Joe Oshima

Estate Planning & Medicaid Planning & Consultation on Wills by Helen Irie, Esq. and Reiko Takikawa Esq.

Lecture by Ms. Katayama of JASSI

4th Tips on Getting One’s Affairs/Documents in Order by Susan J. Onuma, Esq.

Foot massage by Ms. Akiyama

Cardiovascular health by Dr. Honma

Tea Ceremony by Ms. Mada & Suzuki

Yoga by Ms. Keiko Johnson

Japanese Calligraphy

Support for cognitive impairment

Lecture by Mr. Okada

Consultant of Japanese National or Employees’ Pension by Mr. Ichikawa

Lecture by HEIAN

Flower arrangement by Ms. Tamura
Special Keirokai on September 19th

The Luncheon for Seniors (Keirokai) was held as a part of Senior Week. Ambassador Sumio Kusaka and JAA President, Gary Moriwaki brought warm greetings to over 120 seniors at the Luncheon held at JAA Hall. Madame Kusaka presented red roses to JAA seniors who are over 88 years old including Mr. Haruo Ito who is 101 years old!
­All attendees enjoyed Ms. Sachie Ueshima’s soprano singing, the JAA Chorus and Karaoke by K. Iwaki Band. Congratulations to Ms. Ueshima who received the grand award at the 57th Tokyo International Association of Artists Newcomers Audition.

Chair Oshima, Amb. & Madame Kusaka, President Moriwaki with Junko Harano, Robert Okajima, Yukiko Inoue Love,
Yoshie Fujita, Haruo Ito, Ayako Uchiyama, Kikue Valbuena, Kiyoko Okajima

JAA 20th Anniversary
Charity Golf Tournament

Mr. Hiromura, Mr. Kokubo and Mr. Hirako

Mr. Yoshida and Mr. Tamakatsu

Super seniors

Our Annual Charity Golf Tournament was held on Sept. 30, 2013 at Knoll Country Club in NJ with 80 eager players. At 12:15pm, the tournament started under the new Peoria Rules. Mr. Kazuo Kokubo won the tournament. He received the JAA Trophy from golf committee co-chair David Hiromura and ANA Business Class Air Ticket from Mr. Yuji Hirako, Vice President of the Americas of ANA. Mr. Jin Yoshida took 2nd Place and 3rd Place went to Mr. Jiro Takamatsu. We gave special awards to seven super seniors. The Grand prize of the raffle, ANA Business Class Air Ticket went to Mr. Yasuo Kamihara who also won the Hole in One Award cash prize of $10,000 last year.
The Raffle raised $3,500.00. Donations to this Tournament received from individuals and corporations are below.
Members of the Golf Committee are: David Hiromura and Michi Tahara (Co-chairs), Kiyoshi Egawa, Kazuhisa Enokida, Shige Kosuda, Sho Suzuki, Tatsuya Yamamoto and Casey Taniguchi .

JAA Annual Grand Bazaar: was held on Saturday, November 2nd. The report will be in the next issue.

JAA Japanese Language Committee Workshop
The 2013 Fall Workshop was held on October 19th & 20th with three special speakers (Ms. Emiko Kurita, Ms. Reiko Sawane and Ms. Miki Matsumoto) from the Association for Japanese- Language Teaching (AJALT). 30 people attended.

JAA Business Women’s’ Committee
The meeting was held on October 16th with Documentary Film Director Ms. Megumi Sasaki. She talked about developing the documentary film "Herb and Dorothy" a film about a couple that managed to build one of the most important contemporary art collections which they donated to a major museum.

Apple Kids
"Playing with parents" was held on 10/18 and 25. A "Halloween Party" was held on 10/27. The next play dates will be on 11/15, 22 and 12/13.

Annual Year End Dance will be held on December 6th (Fri.) at the Harvard Club.


As the coordinator of an ad hoc Japanese Community committee supported by Project CHARGE of the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families, Mrs. Suki Terada Ports, Bd member of JAA, announced a special project to provide answers to questions people in the Japanese and Japanese American community have about the new health care insurance plans. Meetings were to be held on Nov. 9th, 13th and 14th. (Details in the Nov. newsletter)
Navigator Ms. Minja Hong, Director of the ACA Project at the Korean Community Services Public Health and Research Center (KCS) provided the information which was translated by Ms. Yoko Naka, the Director of JASSI. NY State Information sheets were translated into Japanese by Ms. Fumiho Suzawa of the Office of the Consulate General of Japan. JASSI provided additional information sheets in Japanese and English.

NY State’s Program is called,
The New York State of Health at 855-355-5777 or www.nystateofhealth.ny.gov

If you want to enroll through NY State’s Market Place please call a NY Navigator near you or call Ms. Minja Hong or other KCS Navigators at 212-463-9685 for help and info.

New Jersey residents should call 800-318-3596 or www.heathcare.gov

Connecticut residents should call 855-805-4325 or www.accesshealthct.com

If you have the original Medicare or a Medicare supplemental policy you do not have to do anything. It is against the law for anyone to try to sell you a new Medicare policy or additional Medicare supplements.

Important Dates to remember!
Enrollment started on Oct. 1, 2013, and insurance starts from January 1, 2013. Enroll by March 31, 2014, and you do not have to worry about penalties.
If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Minja Hong’s office at 212-463-9685, KCS Public Health and Research Center, 2 West 32nd Street, 6th Floor.

Thank you very
much for your support of JAA !

Art Exhibition "A Celebration of the Art and Life of Motoko Ikeda-Spiegel (1928-2000)" was held on Oct. 11 and 12 at JAA Hall. All proceeds from the exhibit and sale benefited the JAA.

Motoko Ikeda Spiegel was the loving wife of Si Spiegel and devoted mother of Kazuko Ono, Ray Spiegel, and Tamio Spiegel, and was grandmother to five granddaughters. Motoko was an artist in oils, woodblock prints, and photography.

A 1978 graduate of SUNY Purchase, she was a tireless advocate of the rights of mistreated peoples, particularly Japanese Americans who suffered internment during WWII and the Ainu people of Northern Japan.
She was a generous, caring, and nurturing friend to many artists and activists.

JAA will show her art works at JAA Annual Exhibition in May, 2014.

We wish to thank the following companies, organizations and individuals for their generous support of the JAA.

106th Anniversary Gala Support
$10,000 and above

Emy, Robert K.
ITO EN (North America) INC.
Kida, Shigeo
Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)

$5,000 and above
J.C.C. Fund at the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York
Japanese Medical Society of America
Moriwaki, Gary S.

$2,000 and above Cook Pine Capital LLC
Isabella Geriatric Center
Onuma, Susan J.
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

to $1,300
Bannai, Kathryn A. Crampe, Michiko Ito /
Different Roads to Learning, Inc. /
Goto, Ryu /
Goto, Setsu /
Hasegawa, Kumiko /
Inagaki, Chieko /
Ito, Mary /
J. One Corporation /
Kawasaki Heavy Industries (USA),Inc. /
Korn, Chizuko /
Matsumoto, Alyce /
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America, Inc. /
Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc. /
Mitsunaka, Tsuneko /
Nakagawa, Naoto /
NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc. /
Noda, Michiyo /
NTT America, Inc. /
Ota Fusako /
Osaki, Kozo /
Oshima, Joe /
Pasona NA Inc. /
Sakurai, Nobuko & Motoatsu /
Sasaki, Tomoko Grant /
Shibutani, Kinichi /
Shintani, Masanobu /
Smith Paul J. /
T.I.C. Group /
Watanabe, Tsugie

Silent Auction
A special thank you to the following people who supported our silent auction:

David Bouley /
Ito En (North America) Inc. /
Katya Grineva /
Kukiko Hasegawa /
Sachiko Hikone /
Kikuichi New York, Inc. /
Morita Family /
Gary Moriwaki /
Hiroko Onoyam /
Susan Onuma /
Suki Terada Ports /
SONY Corporation /
T.I.C. Group.

20th Anniversary JAA Charity Golf Tournament
ANA Gift Service /
Brother International /
Canaletto Restaurant /
Caddie’s Corner /
East 53St. Chiropractic Center /
Egawa International /
Furumoto Realty /
Gari Restaurant /
Hajime /
Hatsuhana Restaurant /
IACE Travel /
Imperial HotelInagaki, Chieko /
Ito En (North America) /
Iwasaki, Yusuke /
Iwate Kenjin Kai /
Kirin Brewery of America /
Kitano New York /
Kiteya SOHO New York /
Kotobuki Restaurant /
Land of Plenty /
Madison Engineering, LLC /
Momotaro Beauty Salon /
Michi Beauty Salon /
Miki House America, Inc. /
Milbon USA /
MiNGLE New YorkMiya Co. /
New England Finance /
Nishimoto Trading /
NRS Logistics Inc. /
New York Seikatsu Press /
OCS Americas /
Onuma, Susan /
Orient Corp. of America /
Prince Park Tower Tokyo Hotel /
Sakura Shoji /
Sapporo Beer USA /
Sea Fire Grill /
Shiseido Americas Corp. /
Sushi-Den /
Shizuka New York /
Tao Consultant /
Taylor & Taylor /
T.I.C. Akean, Inc. (Hasaki & Sobaya) /
Trend Pot (NY Japan) /
Tokyu Hotels /
Tsushima Restaurant /
Watabe, Yukio /
Weekly Business News Corp. /
Yamamori USA /
Yomitime Inc.

$1.527.00 from the 4th Annual Japanese Heritage Night which was held on August 28, 2013 at Citifield with New York Mets to JAA Committee