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JAA Founder Dr Toyohiko Takami

JAA Archive

With a history of more than 100 years, rooted in the Japanese Mutual Aid Society, The Japanese American Association of New York, Inc. has amassed an archive of our community. The historical materials were donated by individual members.

Primary Historical Materials

  • History of Japanese development, issued in 1921, by: Japan Association of Japanese Education (predecessor of Nikkei Niijinkai)


  • Handbook about New York 1948-1949


  • New York Handbook 1956


  • Minutes of the proposal to establish the “Japan Relief Committee” immediately after the end of the war, including originals and photographs documenting LARA-Licensed Agency for Relief in Asia


  • The autobiographical story of Dr. Toyohiko Takami, founder of the Nikkei Association in New York, “The shining star” by Masahiko Takami


  • New York Nichibei Shinbun, donated by Mr. Aisaku Kida and his wife, Emi. We have copies of the New York Japan-US newspaper (1948-1963) and original, copy, micro preservation of the newspaper (1963-1993)


  • New York Community Historical Materials


  • Many valuable photographs, including Crown Prince Akihito’s visit to the US on September 16-18, 1953


  • Nikkeijinkai/JAA News from 1978

Even now, Michiyo Noda, Executive Director of JAANY, is collecting materials about the history of Japanese development in New York. She is currently in the process of creating an inventory of the 30+ boxes of JAA historical materials. If you have any historical materials you would like to donate, please contact Mrs. Noda.