JAA Women in Business

JAA Women in Business provides a platform for exchanging meaningful ideas and information among professional and aspiring professional women in the New York tri-state area. The women involved in JWB are actively engaged in business or are pursuing their careers, and represent various ages and years of career experience.

To uphold its mission, JWB interacts with other business network groups in diverse fields in the U.S., Japan, and many other countries. Such interactions help our members learn new skills and enrich their professional and private life experiences. At JWB, we explore and discuss the numerous challenges that career women face today, such as marriage, parenting, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, cultural challenges, and health issues.

JWB provides our members with opportunities to reach out, mentor juniors, exchange ideas, and learn management skills. We also enjoy socializing and making new friends. JWB invites speakers and panelists to discuss diverse and timely topics such as in the arts, politics, culture, entertainment, and various professional fields. Our meetings that feature guest speakers are open to everyone.