Japan Disaster Relief

The people of Tohoku are still suffering from the combined tsunami,
earthquake and nuclear plant disasters. To date, JAA has raised
approximately $1 million in donations from individuals and corporations.
Especially touching are the donations from school groups, including
the Anime Club at Francis Lewis High School, which sold metal
buttons that they had created with motifs from their favorite
Anime scenes, in order to raise funds for students in the affected
region. The group mentioned that they have learned valuable lifetime
lessons through their efforts.

Mr. Bobby Valentine and Mr. Moriwaki

On June 18 on a warm early summer evening, Bobby Valentine, who
is a great friend of Japan and JAA, hosted "Stamford on the
Sound," a food and wine extravaganza, with all proceeds going
to the JAA Japan Disaster Relief fund. During that afternoon,
Bobby hosted a softball tournament to raise additional funding.
Over 1,100 supporters attended the evening event, including the
actor Richard Gere, former Mets and Yankees pitcher David Cone,
and Stamford Mayor Michael Pavia. A highly successful silent auction
and online auction were also held. Roughly $600,000 was raised.
Ambassador Shigeyuki Hiroki, Consul General of Japan in New York
addressed the gathering and expressed his gratitude for the generous
and heartfelt support of the people of Stamford and the corporate
supporters. President Gary S. Moriwaki also gave remarks and spoke
about JAA’s relief efforts. JAA wishes to extend its gratitude
and appreciation for the unbelievable contributions of Mr. Valentine,
and to Mr. & Mrs. Eiichiro Kuwana for their tremendous hard
work and support.

photo by Masao Katagami

The Second Annual Japanese Heritage Night at Citifield, home of
the New York Mets, was held June 21 to benefit Japan Relief Efforts.
During the pre game ceremonies, Soh Daiko and Momo Suzuki? dance
troupe performed on the field, The Mets presented their Spirit
Award to the people of the disaster stricken area. This was accepted
by Ambassador Shigeyuki Hiroki and representatives of Iwate, Miyagi
and Fukushima prefectures. A special video tribute to Wally Yonamine,
who passed away recently, was screened during the game. Wally
was the first Japanese American to play in the Japanese professional
baseball leagues and is the only Japanese American to be enshrined
in the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame. Wally was also the first
JA to play professional football in the US, having been with the
San Francisco 49ers. Ryan Yamamoto, Wally? grandson, acknowledged
the tribute on behalf of the Yonamine family.

Mr. Kuwana in Tohoku

On separate occasions, Mr. Kuwana and Mr. Moriwaki recently visited
the Tohoku region, accompanied by various representatives from
NGOs assisting in the disaster area. They were able to observe
relief efforts in Minami sanriku, Higashimatsushima, Tagajyo shi
and Ishinomaki in Miyagi Prefecture and Soma, Fukushima, which
is a mere 25 miles from the compromised Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear
Power Plant. The on site visits are part of JAA’s continuing efforts
to conduct its due diligence regarding the funding of NGOs working
in the Tohoku region. Since the area is now past the immediate
relief phase and is nearing completion of the rehabilitation phase,
JAA is focusing on mid to long term recovery efforts.

Annual JAA Scholarship Dinner
the 41st Scholarship Awards
and 5th Honjo Scholarship Awards

The JAA Scholarship Awards Dinner was held at the Harvard Club
on May 26, 2011. Prof. Hugh Patrick, Consul General Shigeyuki
Hiroki, Mr. & Mrs. Motoatsu Sakurai of Japan Society, Mr.
& Mrs. Tsutomu Karino of JCCI and Mr. Shinichi Hirabayashi
of Mitsui USA Foundation headed the guest list of 120 donors,
awardees and their families and JAA members who attended the event.
Twelve high school recipients (total of $39,000 and one Japan
Airlines ticket) of the 41st JAA Scholarship Awards and five graduate
school recipients (total of $29,122.61 from the Honjo International
Foundation) of the 5th Honjo Scholarship Awards were honored.

The ceremony began with MC Susan J. Onuma, co-chair of the Scholarship
Committee, followed by greetings from Amb. Hiroki. We were honored
to have Prof. Hugh Patrick, Director of the Center on Japanese
Economy and Business, Columbia Business School, Co-Director of
Columbia? APEC Study Center and R.D. Calkins Professor of International
Business Emeritus, Columbia University as our keynote speaker.
Prof. Patrick gave a wonderful speech that inspired not just the
students but all who were present. He spoke about how one needs
to work hard in school but also keep an open mind and be flexible
in order to find one’s life work for example, he never imagined
that he would become a professor while he was in college. He also
spoke about his experience at the New Otani Hotel in Tokyo on
March 11 and expressed how he admired the great strengths of the
Japanese people and society during this time of disaster. He said
that "Given Japan’s historically demonstrated capabilities
to rebound from adversity, I am not pessimistic. This is certainly
not the end of Japan. It will be a new beginning."

Midoriko Abe, recipient of the Dr. Soji Tomikawa Scholarship and
Naoki Fujita, recipient of Honjo Scholarship expressed their appreciation
and gratitude to donors and JAA.

Scholarship Dinner table sponsors were Mr. & Mrs. Satoru Murase,
Fox Rothschild LLP, Yosuke Honjo (Ito En North America, Inc.)
and Susan J. Onuma.

The Scholarship Committee consisted of Co-Chairs Susan J. Onuma
and Suki T. Ports, Julie Azuma, Michiko Ito Crampe, David Hiromura,
Makoto Iwahara, Frederick Katayama, Gary S. Moriwaki, Satoru Murase
and Robert T. Yanagisawa, Members of the JAA Honjo Scholarship
selection committee consisted of Gary S. Moriwaki (Chair), Susan
Onuma, Joe Oshima and Katsuo Takeda.

"JAA Special Tohoku Area Scholarship Fund" has
been established to give a scholarship award to one or more students
affected by the earthquake and its aftermath in the Tohoku Area.
Initial funding has been provided by Cook Pine Capital LLC ($5,000).
So far we have received pledges or checks from Mr. & Mrs.
Satoru Murase, Prof. Hugh Patrick, Nozomi Terao, Yuzuru Anzai
and Shoko Noguchi. 100% of your gift will go to the recipient(s)
who will be selected at a later date.

Speaker of 41st JAA Scholarship Dinner

Hugh Patrick

Director of
the Center on Japanese Economy and Business Columbia Business
Co-Director of Columbia’s APEC Study Center and R.D. Calkins
Professor of International Business Emeritus, Columbia University

?@Hugh Patrick joined the Columbia faculty in 1984 after some years
as Professor of Economics and Director of the Economic Growth
Center at Yale University. He completed his B.A. at Yale University
in 1951, earned M.A. degrees in Japanese Studies (1955) and Economics
(1957) and the Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Michigan
in 1960. He has been a visiting professor at Hitotsubashi University,
University of Tokyo and University of Bombay. Professor Patrick
has been awarded Guggenheim and Fulbright fellowships and the
Ohira Prize. His professional publications include sixteen books
and some sixty articles and essays. Professor Patrick is actively
involved in professional and public service. He served as one
of the four American members of the binational Japan United States
Economic Relations Group appointed by President Carter and Prime
Minister Ohira, 1979-1981. He was a member of the Board of Directors
of the Japan Society for seven three-year terms. In November 1994
the Government of Japan awarded him the Order of the Sacred Treasure,
Gold and Silver Star (Kunnito Zuihosho). He was awarded an honorary
doctorate of Social Sciences by Lingnan University, Hong Kong
in 2000. He also received an Eagle on the World award by the Japan
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York in 2010.

41st JAA Scholarship (for
graduating high school students)

1. Bingham McCutchen Murase Scholarship ($6,000)
Yuta Makita?@(Born London, England)
Rye High School, will attend Cooper Union
2. Dr. Soji Tomikawa Scholarship ($5,000)
Midoriko Grace Abe (Born New York, New York)
Academy of Visual & Performing Arts (Bergen County, NJ), will
attend Brown University
3. Dr. Soji Tomikawa Scholarship ($5,000)
Anna Gasha (Born Bend, Oregon)
Hunter College High School, will attend Brown University
4. Mitsui USA Foundation Scholarship ($3,500)
Marina G. Kaneko (Born NY, NY)
Greenwich High School; will attend Princeton University
5. Mitsui USA Foundation Scholarship ($3,500)
Nicole Yoko Dalessandro (Born NY, NY)
Horace Mann School; will attend Wesleyan University
6. Orient Corp. of America Scholarship ($3,500)
Kenta M. Hasui (Born Brooklyn, NY)
Hunter College High School; will attend Vassar College
7. Miyoko & John Davey Scholarship ($3,000)
Shigeto Ono (Born Kawasaki, Japan)
Tenafly High School; will attend Carnegie Mellon University (Carnegie
Institute of Technology)
8. Toyota Motor North America Scholarship ($2,500)
Ami Yokoyama (Born New York, NY)
Irvington High School; will attend Skidmore College
9. TV Japan Scholarship ($2,000)
Jun Christopher Tsuboike (Born Redmond, WA)
Rye High School, will attend Boston University
10. Michiyo & Hiroshi Wada Scholarship ($2,000)
Shun Zenda (Born New York, NY)
Hunter College High School, will attend University of Virginia
11. Hartman-Sakazume Scholarship ($2,000)
Mari Purpura (Born New York, NY)
New Explorations into Science Technology & Math; will attend
Pitzer College
12. Japan Travel Scholarship
(Round trip ticket courtesy of Japan Airlines and $1,000 donated
by Furumoto Realty)

Leah Emi Harakawa (Born New York, NY)
Packer Collegiate Institute; will attend Colby College

5th JAA-Honjo Scholarship Awards (for
graduate students)

Matthieu Felt?@($7,280.68)
PhD candidate at Columbia University in Pre-modern Japanese Literature

Jang Wook Huh?@($6,240.41)
PhD candidate at Columbia University in English and Comparative

Naoki Fujita ($5,200.54)
JD candidate at Fordham University School of Law

Sakiko Ikoma ($5,200.54)
Masters candidate at Columbia University Teachers College in the
Sociology and Education Program

Toshikazu Kenjitsu Nakagaki ($5,200.54)
Doctor of Ministry candidate at New York Theological Seminary
in Multi -Faith Studies

Memorial Day Ceremony
at the Japanese Cemetery
in Mt. Olivet Cemetery

On a beautiful sunny day, Memorial Day Services (Bosankai) were
started from 11 AM on May 30 at the Japanese Cemetery at Mount
Olivet Cemetery in Queens. Services were held under trees due
to the strong sun. The affair, sponsored by the JAA with the support
of the New York Buddhist Church and the Japanese American United
Church (JAUC) was conducted by JAA Director Shigeaki Nakanishi
First, Rev. Hoshu Matsubayashi of the Buddhist Church, read from
the Sutra while incense and flowers were offered to the pioneers
who had contributed so greatly to the present standing of Japanese
and Japanese American Community, followed by services performed
by Rev. Yugo Suzuki, JAUC.
Ms. Susan J. Onuma, JAA Honorary President gave a greeting and
a brief history of JAA’s relationship with the cemetery. Ambassador
Hiroki expressed his appreciation to our pioneers who had promoted
good relations between the U.S. and Japan which resulted in the
U.S. giving prompt aid to those that suffered in the Tohoku Earthquake
and Tsunami. Mr. Yasuyuki Uchino, principal of Greenwich Japanese
School of NY and Mr. Toru Okamoto, principal of the Japanese Children?
Society each gave a heartfelt talk. Special thoughts and prayers
were delivered to those victims of March 11. A total of 150 people
Wreathes were offered by the Consulate General of Japan in New
York, Nippon Club, Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in
New York, Japanese Lions Club and three organizers.

of Japanese and Japanese
American Artists in New York 2011
Benefit to JAA Japan Disaster Relief

The 16th annual Art Exhibition of the Japanese and Japanese American
Artists in New York were held from May 3 to 12. The 33 artists
(four new artists: Takuji Hamanaka, Tamiko Kawada, Kazuya Morimoto
and Tsukasa Yokozawa), displayed their 70 art works at the JAA
The opening reception was held at 5 P.M., on the 5th attended
by Consul General Shigeyuki Hiroki, Mr.& Mrs. Motoatsu Sakurai
of Japan Society, Mr. Tsutomu Karino of JCCI, Mr. Satoshi Fujiki
of ANA, Mr. Kazuaki Takada of TV Japan, the artists and JAA members
and guests. The attendees enjoyed unique international art works.
We had a silent auction on 25 artworks for Japan Disaster Relief.
34 artworks were sold, $1,496 for Japan Disaster Relief and $5,763.50
for JAA.

Japan Day @ Central Park

On a slightly chilly Sunday, May 22, 2011, 35,000 people were
gathered at Rumsey Playfield and the Bandshell area in Central
Park. .
There were powerful music performances on stage such as Soh Daiko,
collaboration of Aisha, DMC and BDC, Keiko Matsui and 70’s popular
group in Japan "Circus". Volunteers from JAA calligraphy
class (Instructor: Fusako Otsubo) demonstrated their beautiful
and skillful brush work to 2,300 New Yorkers. The booth was so
popular that we ran out of ink and papers!

26th JAA Foreign Minister’s
Baseball Tournament

Results up to the seven weeks of the preliminaries are very competitive.
"A" Block includes the teams Silvers, Sarugunndan, Jokers
and Hamakko, "B" Block consists of the teams Boko Boko,
Junks, Batmen and Radiators. Please check


1:The 18th JAA Charity Golf Tournament

on October 17 at Knoll Country Club

2:Wednesday, November 16, 2011
JAA Special Fund Raiser
at the Sony Club
Featured artist: JAKE SHIMABUKURO

Report from JAA Committee
on Aging Issues

Visit "Isabella Geriatric Center, upper Manhattan".

On June 16, 20 JAA members and Mrs. Michiyo Noda and Dr. Tetsuya
Shimizu and Consul Kentaro Ando visited Isabella Geriatric Center,
525 Audubon Avenue, New York, NY 10040, tel 212-342-9200. House
manager Ms. Leona Chen gave a tour of the facilities which consists
of apartments and a nursing home. The cost to live at this facility
is $2,300 for a one bedroom and $2,000 for a studio which includes
two meals a day. The group was also introduced to Isabella’s
Home Care System which has expanded into the Chinatown area.
Please check www.isabella.org for more information. Around 30
JAA members live in the Isabella.

5th Senior Week will be held from September 15 to September
25 at JAA Hall for all ages. More events will be scheduled.

Social Service Committee
Keirokai-Luncheon for Seniors

May 12, June 9, June 23, we had regular luncheon for seniors.
Mr. Reona Ito talked on history of Classic music, Mr. Kentaro
Kikuchi (dancer of metropolitan Opera Co.) performed a dance
and led excises for seniors. K. Iwaki band also performed and
members enjoyed Karaoke each time.

One day trip to City Island in Bronx 50 seniors enjoyed
sea food and strolled through Little Italy at City Island


Suki Terada Ports vice president of JAA received the 2011
Life time social services award from New York City Comptroller
John C. Liu, in celebration of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander
Heritage Month on May 10, 2011 at Surrogate’s Courthouse.

Shigeyuki Hiroki

Dr. Kamal Ramani

New Honorary Advisor:
?@?@Ambassador Shigeyuki Hiroki

New Honorary Members:
?@?@Mr. Seiei Ono, President of Japanese Chamber of Commerce
and Industry in New York

?@?@Mr. Takashi Kano, President of the Nippon Club

New JAA board of Director:
?@?@Dr. Kamal Ramani
He was appointed and approved at Directors’ meeting on June 8.

Dr. Ramani is a doctor specializing in internal medicine at 20
East Medical office. He has been involved with JAA for 15 years
as part of the Radiators in the baseball tournament. He has led
the team as a player, captain and manager for the last three years.
Furthermore, Dr. Ramani has lectured on several occasions at both
the Senior Week and Health Week events of the JAA.

5/1/2010- 6/15/2010

To Sakura Matsuri
?@?@Ms. Chieko Inagaki $7,266.03
To General Account
?@?@CANON U.S.A. $1,000.00
?@?@Ms. Teruko Mitani $1,000.00
To Scholarship Fund
?@?@Ms. Yoshie Fujita & Ms. Margaret Sheridan in memory of Mr.
Ed. Fujita $2,000.00