JAA Japan Disaster Relief Fund

TO: Japanese American Association of New York

Dear Mr. Gary Moriwaki, Dr. Kamal Ramani, Ms. Susan Onuma, Mr. David
Hiromura, and Mr. Katsuo Takeda,

Fukushima prefecture is my hometown and my families and many friends still live there having many difficult problems resulting from the nuclear accident. The situation has not been greatly improved yet even after more than 2 years have passed. Especially, how to deal with radioactivity in their daily life has been one of the major issues. 

JAA’s commitment to helping children and their families who have been living under such a tough circumstance is surely appreciated by those who help them, and most importantly, by those who benefit from two indoor parks— children in Fukushima prefecture.

Thank you again for you and all JAA’ members who kindly gave us a chance to introduce NPO Florence. The path we all will be proceeding is a long long way, but I’m sure your generous contribution encourages NPO Florence and the people who work hard to improve the living and playing environment for kids in Fukushima-.

We will also keep dedicating ourselves to support the people in Fukushima remotely, here living in New York. 
With gratitude,


Sayoko Fujita
Kayoko Ogawa


New York Fukushima Kenjin-Kai

Ryori during tsunami

Ryori construction phase

Satoshi gratitude to the local Shinto gods

Koishihama Traditional Dance Performance

Report from Mr. Eiich Kuwana,
Committee member of JAA Japan Disaster Relief Fund

On Saturday, July 13, 2013, a festive ceremony took place to commemorate the rebuilding of the port in Ryori, a small fishing village on the outskirts of Ofunato, a city of slightly less than 3,900 people, in Iwate Prefecture. Your contribution to the Earthquake and Relief Fund at JAANY was instrumental in securing this victory for the fishermen of Ryori, who witnessed their livelihood disappear within minutes when the tsunami following the massive earthquake on March 11, 2011 absolutely devastated the fishing port. Through the diligent and inspiring work of the local community, however, and with the help of one of our partners on the ground, Satoshi Kitahama and Kizuna Foundation, this project is one of only 2 out of the more than 250 devastated ports that has successfully come back on line. JAANY is most honored and privileged to be associated with this very unique turnaround.
Time has a way of making us forget what is not readily in front of us. Lest we forget, I have attached photographs that provide vivid reminders of the destruction and mayhem brought by the tsunami (please see "Ryori during tsunami").
In a span of a couple of hours, the 300 fisherman who use the port facilities and the thousands of residents who rely on this fishing complex for their livelihood, lost their economic engine.
As I wrote in earlier updates, deploying capital in endeavors that can create and sustain employment is critical in generating a self-reliant recovery for all community members, young and old, male and female. While the national government has allocated significant sums of capital for the rebuilding of devastated communities, due to various reasons, very little of that largesse has made it to the coastal towns. Enter Satoshi Kitahama and Kizuna Foundation. Satoshi helped fishermen, with very little knowledge of how to tap into the national government budget, navigate the labyrinth web of national bureaucracy and politics to help secure funding. Part of their success rested on the fact that there was private capital from the JAANY disaster fund and other private parties that Ryori and Kizuna Foundation were able to point to for credibility purposes; government officials were willing to extend capital to Ryori because they knew that there was a serious, private effort to get the community back on its feet. Moreover, your donation and support of the project lent a sense of priority, something lacking in the area as all initiatives are considered important and, thus, nothing can move forward. In effect, your donation has had a multiplier effect.
Having succeeded in generating enough funding to reconstruct the port, construction began in earnest in February, 2013 (please see the photo "Ryori construction phase").
All the reconstruction effort culminated in the grand opening ceremony a week ago. "Ryori offering prayer" photo shows Satoshi offering prayers and gratitude to the local Shinto gods, while "Koishihama Traditional Dance Performance" photo depicts the "feeding" of a deity, a most propitious symbol for prosperity and vigor. The dance is over 700 years old and is particular to the Koishihama residents.
The success of this project provides a stunning example of how your generosity has helped propel a devastated community regain its raison its raison d’être and giving them a bright future. As always, we appreciate and are humbled by your continued support.

With gratitude, Eiich Kuwana
For previous updates, please visit: go-japan.milifedev.org
Help Save Japan: www.jaany.org

Continued from last JAA News
Dr. Homma’s report

Collaborative activities are tremendously important. To this effect, Consortium for Japan Relief (CJR) at Columbia University has funded Nishimiya-fellows to attend disaster preparedness courses at Fukushima University, and Mount Sinai Hospital has also sent, through efforts of Dr. R. Yangisawa with Global Health Program, two students to the same program. Dr. Yanagisawa is again leading a 9/11 Family Association trip to Tohoku area this summer. This is another aspect of our support for those affected by disaster, in both Japan and the US.

Here in the US, US-Japan Council is interested in promoting Health Care issues as one of the main focuses and I very much hope that we can further assist the mental health care issues in Japan through working with the Council. In the US, Japan Society hosts groups involved in Tohoku aid to exchange information and to learn from each other. Mr. Moriwaki, Mr. Katayama, Mr. Kuwama, Dr. Iwahara and Dr. Yanagisawa are regular participants.

Through our support of the programs in Fuskushima and Iwate, we hope to accelerate the movement at the national level to change the mental health care system towards an outpatient model from the current inpatient model. Developing a network of like-minded partners through this experience is tremendously valuable as we can always look to each other to face another disaster or a problem that we may be able to, in a small way, do something meaningful to assist those affected.

Welcome Reception
for Tohoku Students

Updated donation to:
Beyond Tomorrow support of Tohoku Students:$5,000
Kizuna Foundation to repair a baseball field: $25,000
Florence to build indoor parks in Fukushima:$50,000

On August 14, 2013, JAA hosted a dinner reception for 12 students (mostly college freshmen) from Tohoku who are participating in Beyond Tomorrow’s Leadership Program. New Ambassador Sumio Kusaka and Madame Ikuko Kusaka joined our special reception with over 80 guests. The students made a presentation regarding their trip. Some students lost parent(s) and had their home damaged partially or completely. One of them stated that the "past cannot change the present but the present can change the future" This theme was reiterated by Ambassador Kusaka. Beyond Tomorrow is one of the NPO’s which received funding from JAA’s Tohoku Fund. JAA continues to support these young people who will be the future leaders of Tohoku and Japan. You can learn more about Beyond Tomorrow by going to their website: www.beyond-tomorrow.org/en/ or googling Beyond Tomorrow Japan.

Welcome! New Consul General of Japan

Ambassador Sumio Kusaka has been a new Consul General of Japan as of July 31, 2013. He comes from the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo where most recently he served as chief of Protocol. He studied economics at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania and was a Minister and Head of Chancery at the Japanese Embassy in Washington, D.C. JAA looks forward to working closely with him.

JAA 106th Anniversary Gala Dinner

JAA will hold its 106th Anniversary Gala Dinner on Friday, September 27, 2013 at Sony Club (550 Madison Avenue, NYC). A Cocktail reception and Silent Auction start at 6PM and Dinner at 7PM. Celebrate our president Mr. Gary S. Moriwaki’s 65th birthday! Your support for this event will be highly appreciated!!

JAA 20th Anniversary
Charity Golf Tournament

We will celebrate our 20th Charity Golf Tournament which will be held on Monday, September 30, 2013 at Knoll West Country Club, 990 Greenbank Road, Boonton, NJ 07005. Play begins by "Shotgun" Rules per the New Peoria System at 12:15pm.
Fee: $250 includes Greens fee, Cart fee & Dinner.
($100 Tax deductible) There will be many wonderful prizes. The Grand Prize: roundtrip ANA Business Class ticket between NY-Tokyo. Other prizes include a cash ($10,000) Hole-in-One prize on four holes. There is also a sumptuous After-Play Buffet Dinner. Online registration at www.birdeasepro.com/jaany
Please Join Our Popular Charity Golf Tournament and support our largest fund raising event of JAA!

New Board of director of JAA

We welcome Yoko Yamamoto to the Board of Directors of JAA. Yoko is an attorney who has been a member of JAA’s Business Women’s Committee since 2005 and has managed the committee’s operations.

28th JAA Foreign Minister Cup Baseball Games
The Bees are this year’s champion!

Champion: Bees

2nd Place: NY Silvers

3rd Place: Orega

The Championship Game was held on Sunday, August 18th at Central Park North Meadow Field #3. Bees beat out NY Silvers, 9 to 2, capturing the Foreign Minister Cup for this year. This became their 2nd victory of the JAA Baseball Games! An Awards Presentation and Closing Ceremony followed the Games with Deputy Consul General Koichi Ai, JAA President Mr. Gary S. Moriwaki and Mr. Shuji Kato, chair of Baseball.

Champion: Bees
2nd Place: NY Silvers
3rd Place: Orega
4th Place: Brooklyn Dumbo,
MVP : Kensuke Tanaka (Bees)

A Celebration Honoring the heroes of the 100th Battalion,
442nd Regimental Combat Team & Military Intelligence Service
On October 5, 2010, President Barack Obama signed a Public Law granting the Congressional Gold Medals collectively to the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team (RCT) and the Military Intelligence Services (MIS) during World War II (WWII).
The New York Chapter of JACL with the co-sponsor, JAA on June 29, 2013 held an event honoring these veterans in the Tri State areas. The Honorable former Mayor David N. Dinkins highlighted the importance of these soldiers to the Asian American community in achieving redress and integration. Mayor Dinkins served in the U.S. Marine Corps during WWII with the famous Montford Marines.
Then everyone enjoyed meeting and thanking the veterans and enjoyed the refreshments. This event was successful thanks to many volunteers.
Aileen Yamaguchi, President-NY Chapter JACL

Mini Flea Market
for Keiro Kai

In order to support the activities of Keiro Kai, we held a Mini Flea Market on Aug. 3 at JAA Hall. Even with morning showers, our customers gradually came in. The final gross was $5,500.

JAA’s Keirokai is a very popular and enjoyable event for seniors. The homemade lunch menu, beautiful flowers at each table, good music, useful lectures and free consultation on health, legal matters, translations and other activities are much appreciated by our seniors. We want to continue this rich and needed program for our seniors. Our kitchen volunteers work two days for each Keirokai. Our president Mr. Moriwaki invited these hard working volunteers to Hakubai to show our appreciation.

The 7th Senior Week

The 7th Senior Week will be held from Sept.13 to Sept.29 at JAA. It is co-sponsored by JAA Committee on Aging Issues and Japanese Medical Support Network with support of the Consulate General of Japan in New York. About 60 programs are for all ages, more details can be seen at www.agingjaa.org and www.jaany.org.

ANA NY Senior-Kai Charity Golf Tournament

Kenjinkai Golf Tournament

Thank you very much
for your support of JAA !

JAA received support from Mitsui U.S.A. Foundation for JAA-Mitsui U.S.A Scholarships $5,000 to three students, $3,000 for JAA Committee on Aging Issues and $10,000 for general program especially keirokai and apple kids programs. JAA really appreciate Mitsui U.S.A’s continued support of JAA.

JAA has received donations from the following organizations: $4,500.00 from ANA NY Senior-Kai Charity Golf Tournament and $2,480.00 from Kenjinkai Golf Tournament. Thank you very much!

back L to R) Mr. Kubota, Mr. Takahashi
front L to R) Ms. Tahara, Ms. Iijima

Our volunteers for hair cut for seniors

We have free hair cut for seniors every month,
Our generous hair stylists are Ms. Michi Tahara, Mr. Shige Kosuda, Mr. Shunsuke Takahashi, Mr. Toshitsugu Kubota and Ms. Mako Iijima. Thank very much!

JAA Social Service/Luncheon for seniors

July 11: For the Tanabata Keirokai, the Hall was decorated with Bamboo tree branches brought by Mrs. Yumiko Abe with small origami written with members’ prayers and wishes. Chirashi Sushi, Sesami Broccoli and Ice Cream were on the menu. After the lunch, Mr. Kuni Mikami performed Jazz piano and our house band, K. Iwaki Band played wonderful music. Participants: 131.

July 25: Unagi Kabayaki (Baked Eel on Rice), Cucumber & Seaweed and Orange Jelly were on the menu. After the lunch, Dr. Kinichi Shibutani talked on Health in summer, French Chef Takayoshi Kato lectured about "Summer Menus" and the K. Iwaki Band performed. Participants: 150.
There were no luncheons for seniors in August.


Mrs. June Kan passed away on May 22, 2013 at the age of 85. She was the wife of the Rev. Shushin Kan who served as the NYBC’s resident minister from 1981 to 1987

Mr. James Nolan passed away on July 15th at Bellevue Hospital by liver cancer at the age of 58. A Memorial gathering was held on August 12 at JAA Hall. He was a member of JAA board of directors and volunteered by giving free consultation on Immigration Law for more than 20 years. Survivors are wife Yumiko and two children.

Ms. Madeleine A. Sullivan-Stofer (Mrs. Tomikawa) passed away on July 3, 2013 at her home country Switzerland.

Mr. Ralph S. Iwamoto passed away August 3, 2013 at home at the age of 86. Ralph was born in Honolulu. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in the fall of 2011 for services of Military Intelligence Service (MIS) in Occupied Japan following the end of WW11. Upon his return, he studied at the Art Student League in NY and his paintings were in many museums and galleries. He enjoyed Keirokai.

Mr. Tadashi Miura passed away at home at the age of 95.

Mrs. Kumiko Mori passed away at home at the age of 75. She enjoyed our keirokai.
We pray for them

Thank you very
much for your support of JAA !

To: JAA Committee on Aging Issues/高齢者問題協議会
ANA New York Senior-Kai $4,500.00
JAMSNET $3,500.00
Mitsui U.S.A. Foundation $3,000.00
NY Japanese-American Lions Club $1,000.00

Supporting ($300): Masaki Noda, Robert Norton, Masanori Shintani & Katsuo Takeda
Thank you very much!


Masaharu Isogai (73)

He was born in 1939 and came to U.S.A. in 1988. He served as Executive Vice president & General Manager of the JUSCO’s U.S. Offices through 1996, his final position was Senior Advisor. He was educated at Harvard Business School, Advanced Management Program (AMP),and in 1985, received a special award. (One of the Top 6.) JUSCO changed its corporate name to AEON in August 2001. He was also a member of the board of directors of The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York for eight years beginning in 1991 and the Japanese American Association of New York. (1992-2012) Mr. Isogai retired in October 1999.He is the first Japanese executive committee member of the Association for a Better New York (ABNY). In January 2000, ABNY appointed him Honorary Executive Committee Member in an ex officio capacity. He shares this honor with past NYC Mayors and was honored by being named Special (Goodwill) Ambassador to ABNY from Japan. In 2001, he is also honored being named as a "Friend of NRF."(National Retail Federation, the world’s largest retail industry organization established in 1911, based in Washington D.C.) .Mr. Isogai’s lifetime mission is "To be a bridge over the Pacific" and he also he wants to transfer his experiences and thoughts to the younger generations. He writes essays and speeches about the following topics such as "The Essence of Management-through My Experience of the First AEON Chief Representative in the U.S." (In Japanese) and "Integrity and Passion". (In English) He made speeches on those topics in the U.S. including schools such as Harvard, Emory and Wharton as well as in the New York Japanese community.

Summer, 2013. Masaharu Isogai