JAA Japan Disaster Relief Fund

As we end 2013 and approach the third anniversary of the March 11 triple disaster that occurred in Tohoku and is still affecting residents of that region as well as all of Japan, we want to acknowledge the help and goodwill of so many of our partners, both in the US and Japan. The Japan Society, Japan center for international Exchange, JMSA and Americares have been particularly helpful as are our partners working on the ground, including Peace Boat, Church World Services and the Kizuna Foundation. Our work continues. One of our projects for the summer of 2014 will be the Bobby Valentine All Star tour. Together, he and JAA will bring a team of 15 year olds from the northeastern US to play ball with teams from Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima prefectures. We anticipate a wonderful and fulfilling visit that we hope will uplift the spirits of our friends and family in Tohoku. As we have stated time and again, we want our Tohoku family to know that they are not forgotten. Have a safe and peaceful 2014

Gary S. Moriwaki
President 2013

(l to r) Dr. Abbey, Dr. Gejda, Dr. Reed,
Mr. Aoyagi, Ms. Noda and Mr. Kato

Present "Hina no Tsurushikazari"
to Sandy Hook Elementary School

On December 19, Consul Mr. Yoshikatsu Aoyagi, JAA director Mr. Shuji Kato and JAA executive director Mrs. Michiyo Noda visited Newtown Public Schools District office (Sandy Hook Elementary School is one of school of this district) in CT and handed to district officers, Dr. David E. Abbey, Dr. Linda A. Gejda and Dr. John R. Reed "Hina no Tsurushikazari" mobile-like hanging dolls and toys made by the 155 adult students at the Kikkomazagi School (founder Mr. & Mrs. Masatoshi Sasaki) in Miyagi Prefecture.
The district officers gave us a warm welcome and appreciated this surprise gift from Japan.
When victims of the terrible tsunami and earthquake that hit Miyagi Prefecture in 2011 heard of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Dec. 2012, they wanted to send something beautiful to bring smiles to the children and to show their appreciation of USA’s support of Tsunami & Earthquake in 2011.
This project was started with an e-mail from Dr. Ayako Ishimaru who donated $30,000.00 to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.

Volunteer work for Hurricane Sandy continued
On November 23, 15 volunteers from JAA, NY Lions Club and Hoshuko Alumni Association led by JAA director Mr. Shuji Kato and Ms. Jasmine Wilson visited Brooklyn and helped to rebuild houses in a not yet fully recovered area and worked from 8 o’clock in the morning to the evening. It was a part of NY Cares project.

Relief Fund for Hurricane HAIYAN/YOLANDA

JAA established this fund to support the recovery effort of the damaged properties and people in the Philippines. We are asking your support of this natural disaster.

Make a Check Donation: Payable to
Japanese American Association of New York, Inc.
with memo line: "P.T. Disaster Relief Fund"
Mail to:
Japanese American Association of New York, Inc.
15 W. 44th St., 11th Fl., NY, NY 10036
Contact: TEL:212-840-6942 info@jaany.org

56th Annual JAA Year End Dinner

(l to r) Ms. Onuma, Mr. Moriwaki, Ms. Terada, Ms. Inagaki and Amb.Kusaka (Photo by Ikeatagami)

Ms. Noaln (center)

Ms. Ito (left) and Ms. Arai

Takaoki Onishi, Opera singer

Kai Revera’s Urban Street Dance

On the evening of December 6th, JAA held its 56th Annual Year- End Dinner Party with over 150 guests at the Harvard Club. Ms. Lainie Sakakura and Mr. Koh Mochizuki, MCs for the Dinner introduced JAA Chorus’ opening songs, followed by a welcome from JAA President, Mr. Gary Moriwaki who asked all of the attendees for a moment of silence in memory of former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela, Senator Daniel Inouye, victims of Tohoku, Hurricane Sandy, Philippine Haiyan/Yolanda Typhoon and for our supporters and friends who passed away in 2013. Dinner began with a "Kanpai-toast" by Mr. Motoatsu Sakurai, president of Japan Society.
All guests enjoyed nine year old Kai Revera’s Urban Street Dance and Taeko Fukao’s Jazz during dinner.
After dinner, Ambassador Sumio Kusaka of the Consulate General of Japan in NY spoke of his appreciation for JAA’s effort for the Japanese Community and Japan Disaster and encouraged JAA to continue their activities. Amb. Kusaka admired the evening’s awardees, Mrs. Chieko Inagaki and Ms. Suki Terada Ports for their efforts. Ms. Susan J. Onuma, the newly elected President introduced the two awardees and President Moriwaki presented the JAA Award for their long time devotion and support of JAA Sakura Matsuri and our community. A special award was also given to the late Mr. James Nolan, JAA Board member and long- time volunteer who passed away this summer.
Koto by Yumi Kurosawa, Piano by Taka Kigawa were performed, ending with a vigorous and delightful performance by baritone Takaoki Onishi. All the guests enjoyed the variety and quality of entertainment which was arranged by Gorgeous Entertainment.
The Grand Prize of the raffle, Delta Airlines Japan/New York Business Class ticket went to the lucky winner Ms. Riki Ito.
Ms. Yoko Yamamoto, member of JAA Business Women’s Committee and Year End Dinner Committee concluded the dinner.
(Please see below bio of two awardees of Chieko Inagaki and Suki Terada Ports and list of donors.)

Ms. Craig (center)

Annual Grand Bazaar

The JAA Annual Grand Bazaar was held on Saturday, November 2, with eager shoppers waiting at the door before 10am! They enjoyed hot noodles, curry rice and other comfort food, shopping and most of all, enjoyed seeing and chatting with their friends.
We raised $11,296.50 which includes proceeds from an after bazaar mini shop in our library which was held on December 13 for those who could not attend the November 2 event. The Grand Prize of the raffle went to Ms. Mieko Craig, Thank you to all our volunteers, donors and eager shoppers.

Election of Officers and Directors for 2014

At the General Election meeting on November 20th, officers and directors for the year 2014 were nominated and elected. Mr. Gary Moriwaki has been our President for 6 years. Ms. Susan Onuma was reelected as the new President, Dr. Shunichi Homma was elected as a new Vice President.
Dr. Robert Emy (president of JAA 1987-1988) and Mr. Toshio Kiso (president of JAA 2002-2004) will be elevated to Life Trustees. Dr. Masazumi Adachi, Dr. Roy Ashikari, Mr. Koji Ichida and Mr. Mozart Haruhisa Ishizuka will become honorary directors.

Our Officers for 2014
President: Susan J. Onuma
Vice President: Julie Azuma, David Hiromura, Shunichi Homma, M.D., Keiko Ishida,
Makoto Iwahara, M.D.,Tsuneko Mitsunaka, Satoru Murase, Joe Oshima, Seiko Oshima,
Suki Terada Ports, Koji Sato, Katsuo Takeda
Secretary: Koji Sato
Assistant Secretary: Julie Azuma
Treasurer: Joe Oshima

Board of JAA directors 2014:
Yoshikatsu Aoyagi, Yuzuru Anzai, M.D. Julie Azuma, Michiyo Ito Crampe, Kiyoshi Egawa,
Tetsuya Fujita,
Tak Furumoto, Kumiko Hasegawa, Keiichiro Hayashi, David Hiromura,
George Hirose, Shunichi Homma, M.D.,
Saeko Ichinohe, Keiko Ishida, Riki Ito, Makoto Iwahara, M.D. Yusuke Iwasaki, Shuji Kato,
Takayoshi Kato, Nobuko Kodama, Emiko Lindsay, Kuni Mikami, Tsuneko Mitsunaka, Gary Moriwaki,
Satoru Murase, Nobuko Cobi Narita, Michiyo Noda, Robert Norton, Toru Okamoto, Hiroko Onoyama,
Susan Onuma, Seiko Oshima, Joe Oshima, Suki Ports, Kamal Ramani, Yoko Sasaki, Koji Sato,
Kinichi Shibutani, M.D., Matsuko Shibuya, Toshiteru Tada, Michi Tahara, Katsuo Takeda,
Aileen Yamaguchi, Robert Yanagisawa, M.D. and Yoko Yamamoto

New Year General Meeting & Konshinkai

The General Meeting will be held on Jan.23 (Thursday) at 6:30pm. The agenda will be a report of the 2013 Financial Report and the Introduction of new officers and chairpersons of each committee for 2014. The Konshinkai will follow the General Meeting. This is good opportunity to meet the new officers and directors of JAA.


The meeting of this new health care insurance plans were held on Nov. 9th, 13th, 14th and Dec. 7th. Over 300 attended the meeting and individual consultations were held the follow the meeting.
Navigator Ms. Minja Hong, Director of the ACA Project at the Korean Community Services Public Health and Research Center (KCS) provided the information which was translated by Ms. Yoko Naka, the Director of JASSI.
NY State’s Program is called, The New York State of Health at 855-355-5777 or www.nystateofhealth.ny.gov. If you want to enroll through NY State’s Market Place please call a NY Navigator near you or call Ms. Minja Hong or other KCS Navigators at 212-463-9685 for help and info.
New Jersey residents should call 800-318-3596 or www.healthcare.gov
Connecticut residents should call 855-805-4325 or www.accesshealthct.com

Social Service

November 14th, Thanksgiving Day Keirokai at JAA Hall
A total of 160 delicious Thanksgiving dinners were prepared and generously donated by Chef Takayoshi Kato who spent three days in preparation at JAA’s kitchen. The tender roast turkey and creamy delicious pumpkin pie were enjoyed by all. After the lunch, KEIwaki band played music and sing along songs to end this happy event. This year marks the 11th year of Chef Kato’s donation.

December 12th, Year End Keirokai
Toshikoshi Soba and Osechi were served at the Year End Keirokai. 180 lunch dishes were prepared by our volunteers who worked for three days for Osechi. Shopping Coupons of $50 from Sun Rise Mart (President, Tadao Yoshida) were presented to JAA senior members by Sonenkai, Ms. Yuko Utada. After lunch, the JAA Chorus group song beautiful songs, Mr. Kikushin Kokonntei told Rakugo stories, we celebrated members who were born in December and The K. Iwaki Band played popular music of USA and Japan.
In 2013, JAA held 17 luncheons for seniors (Keirokai) with about 1700 attendants and delivered about 500 lunch boxes to home bounded seniors.
JAA appreciates all the work of our devoted volunteers for senior luncheons.

Ms. Oshima (left) and Mr. Utada

Mr. Kikushin Kokontei

JAA Chorus group

Year End Keirokai

Social Service
Thank you very
much for your support of JAA !

We wish to thank the following companies, organizations and individuals for their generous support of the JAA.

Report from Membership Committee for Corporate (May to December, 2013)
CANON U.S.A., Eisai USA Foundation, Kajima Foundation,
Mitsui USA Foundation, NHK Cosmomedia America Inc., NRS Logistics Inc.
Orix USA Corp. Sony Corp. of America and Sumitomo Corp. of America

$1,520.00 from free hair cut by Ms. Michi Tahara, Mr. Shunsuke Takahashi, Mr. Shige Kosuda,
Mr. Toshitsugu Kubota and Mr. Nori Sasaki
$1,000 from Ms. Tomiko Sakazume and New York Nikkei Press Group

(l to r) Mr. Kitazumi, Mr. manabe and Ms. Oshima

$500 from Dr. Yuzuru Anzai and Ms. Fusako Ohta, Dr. Mumeko Takeshige

56th JAA Year End Dinner
[Year-End Holiday Party Table Sponsors]

Chieko Inagaki
Japanese Medical Society of America
Nobuko Cobi Narita
Nozomi Terao
Susan J. Onuma

Delta Air Lines
Roy Ashikari, MD, EXROYAL Co., Gallery 91, Yaemi Hagiwara, Hope for All Foundation,
IACE Travel, IFORDREAM, Yusuke Iwasaki, Tsutomu Karino, Kiteya SohoKokoro, miki house,
Prince Hotel, Sakura Shoji, SPANAIL, Stage Entertainment, Synetre, LLC, T.I.C. Akean Group,
Tokyu Hotels, Tsugie Watanabe

•20 tickets donated by The New York Mixed Chorus’s Annual Concert on Oct. 26 at Miller Theatre of Columbia University.
•20 tickets donated by the Men’s Glee Club of New York on Dec. 7 at The Church of the Holy Trinity.


Chieko Inagaki has been supporting JAA’s Sakura Matsuri at Flushing Meadows Corona Park since 2000 with her husband, Shigeru Inagaki, former president of JAA, and has generously continued to do so after his passing in 2007.
She married Shigeru in 1946 and moved to New York with him when he came to establish Kowa America in 1955. Then in 1960, a request came from Akio Morita (who was her husband’s class mate at Aichi First Middle School) to help set up Sony Corporation in America. They were among the first wave of Japanese families coming to the US after World War II when Japanese companies were struggling to establish themselves in the US. While Shigeru was busy opening new markets and demonstrating at first hand the quality and advancement of Sony products, Chieko supported his work while raising their children in a foreign country which is now her home. She’s been blessed with three children, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.


Terada Ports a community advocate for equal rights, social services and health for Japanese, Japanese Americans and other New Yorkers, serves on local and national Boards, including JAA. As a Vice President she’s chaired JAA’s Sakura Matsuri at Flushing Meadows Corona Park since George Yuzawa’s retirement.
Known for her tenacity and feistiness to get things done and do the right thing, she has worked tirelessly with the park staff to make sure the event goes smoothly each year.
A native New Yorker, born in 1934, Suki followed in her parents footsteps who were active in the community while operating their gift shop, "TERADA SHO KAI" at Times Square. Long a widow of Horace Ports, Jr. of York, Pennsylvania, she’s a single mother of three, grandmother of four and great grandmother of a boy and finally a girl this year!